Steps towards Success: The ITIL Foundation

itil foundationThe Information Technology Infrastructure Library Foundation or commonly called as ITIL Foundation is the beginner or entry level for qualifying as a member of ITIL. ITIL is the top information technology (IT) service management framework being used by many IT service organizations and businesses around the world. There are five levels of qualifications set by ITIL which vary from the degrees of depth, detail, and knowledge an applicant possesses. These five levels of qualification are ITIL Foundation Level, Practitioner Level, Intermediate Level, Expert Level, and Master Level. ITIL Foundation serves as the stepping stone to a more enhanced and more improved level in IT service management providers industry.

ITIL Foundation level mostly provides basic knowledge regarding service management practices in the IT industry such as the primary concepts, ideas, and terminologies being used in the said industry. This level provides familiarity and awareness for the professionals who are involved in the IT service management industry as well as to those organizations who want to venture in the same kind of business. Also, the individuals who applied in this level are being taught about the lifecycle stages, processes, and contributions of IT service management providers in this field of business. In this level, the interested applicants for ITIL Certification are being prepared for their assessments and exams. In order to progress to the next levels of qualification, applicants are required to undergo in the ITIL Foundation training course first. After passing the ITIL Foundation certification exam, the applicants could then proceed to the next levels if they want. ITIL Foundation is very essential in fulfilling all the qualification levels.

Knowing the basic knowledge of a certain field of study is very important in mastering the field as a whole. Basic knowledge is the pillars which serve as the foundation in building a better and more knowledgeable mind of an individual. Through this level, applicants are given a chance to continuously enhance their knowledge. Applicants should never rush acquiring mastery in IT service management industry. They should always remember that every big thing started from small things. Knowledge and wisdom are established through time. These ideas are not acquired in an instant.

Through the ITIL Foundation course, IT professionals who applied in the course are provided with better understandings in different IT services management fields such as service management practice, service lifecycle, key principles and model, selected roles and functions, technologies and architecture in the IT business industry, and the ITIL qualification scheme. Applicants who want to enroll in ITIL Foundation course could choose from a wide variety of modalities depending on the comfort, convenience, and affordability an applicant wants. They could view, read, and inquire about these different types of modalities through the ITIL website and other free websites. Applying to ITIL Foundation could boosts an IT professional’s career in IT service management provider industry because it offers limitless benefits not only to the IT professional but also to the organization he or she is working for.

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